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We are in a time of transition. Leaving the building that we have all known for a brand new space is definitely something that stirs a lot of feelings and emotions. Every Sunday, there is something new that is missing from the Sanctuary. Every Sunday, an old friend comes back to “see the church one last time.” Every Sunday, the place gets a little emptier but the pews get a little fuller.


While things are becoming emptier downtown, that means that 265 W. Beech is getting fuller. When the stained glass windows left, they made their homes in the new building. Every Sunday, something new is missing which means that there is something “old” that is making its home in the new building.


We will be surrounded by the same friends and family on W. Beech as we have been on E. Market. We will welcome new friends. It’s okay to be a little sad (or a lot sad), it’s normal to become choked up during times of transition. There is no better description or explanation other than “bittersweet.” We will never forget the old building with all of the memories that we have had there together but, it’s so sweet and hopeful to move into the new building together.

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